Grant Overview

Compu-Teach gives teachers the support they need to develop their students' potential with  educational software that stimulates the learning process. Plus we offer a unique funding solution through our Partnership Grant. This grant covers up to 90% of your site licensing costs for a variety of educational software titles. We don't just deliver the software. We provide teachers the hands-on training that will jump-start them into getting the highest classroom benefit of every software title. And we don't stop there. We are gathering a wealth of teacher generated input in the form of hands-on ideas for using the software. These are practical real-world results based on actual classroom use. This information will be available on the web and published on CD-ROM. Every participating school is eligible for a Partnership grant of up to $7,200. Compu-Teach offers an innovative cost effective way to bring technology into classrooms today. And because we offer our software on multiple platforms, even schools with older hardware can benefit.

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To receive a Partnership Grant Information Package call our toll free number at
and ask to speak to one of our Grant Coordinators. Or send an email message to

The application package includes:

 More details about our Partnership approach in exchange for teacher feedback.
 Grant options available for School Districts, Clusters, and individual
Public and Private Schools.
A brief Application Form for the grant that is designed to require only a
few minutes to fill out.

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