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Compu-Teach, Inc. develops, produces, publishes, and markets educational software for consumer and school markets with a primary focus on K-12 programs. Formed in 1982, the company has forged an awareness and a reputation of quality and performance with its ten titles usable on three different platforms. During this period the company has achieved many awards including the Parent's Choice Award three times.

Over 20,000 schools have chosen Compu-Teach software and consumers have paid over $12 million for Compu-Teach products.

Compu-Teach works closely with schools across the country. Our relationships with teachers, administrators, and technical coordinators span several years of educational software experience. Through our online presence we have been involved with school district web activities. We have observed many school districts growing into sophisticated web site producers. An example would be our friends at the Kent School District in Washington state. The use of the web as a communication tool is growing every day and it helps teachers educate our children.

Currently, Compu-Teach is offering school districts grants; through a Partnership Grant program in which an individual school may receive up to $5,200 toward the purchase of $6,000 in site licenses. From 1995 through 2000 hundreds of districts and schools have applied for and been awarded these grants.

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